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Victoria is Watching You

17 mai 2010 No Comment

The first place where most people go to when they visit London is Buckingham Palace. But have they ever noticed the monument and the statue right in front of the queen’s residence ? And do they even know whose statue it is ? We have met her, here is what we heard her saying!

Hello ! I’m Queen Victoria. Well, I am the statue in front of Buckingham Palace, the one nobody notices, they are all more interested in what is going on behind me… you know, the Changing of the Guard ! Today is Wednesday, March 10th 2008, and like every day, the tourists are gathering around me to see it. Suddenly, I hear a voice yelling « The changing of the Guard is beginning ! Quick! Hurry up! ». I look down to see who is yelling and I notice a quite short woman, blond-haired and wearing glasses. She is running towards the roundabout, followed by a group of teenagers. She must be one of these English teachers who organize trips to England for French pupils… and of course they don’t want to miss the ceremony! They are lucky, today, they are going to see two Changings of the Guard… the Horse Guards have just left… They are all gathered behind the fence, taking photos… They must be impressed by the Guards, their red jackets, their black trousers and of course their tall, furry hats… . I don’t understand these tourists… I am fed up with watching these Guards marching in front of me every day, following their military music… It’s always the same !

The guards dress up as bears.

After the wildlife is flora of Buckingham Palace

Prince Charles's guests: Pink floyd and Penguin.

A year has gone… We are Wednesday, March 11th 2009 and, as usual, tourists are gathering in front of Buckingham Palace and nobody looks at me! Hey, I think I know this blond-haired woman coming towards the Palace, followed by a group of teenagers… Yes, I remember her now! She was here last year, she is the English teacher… but the pupils are different. These ones are going to be disappointed, because they won’t see any Changing of the Guard ceremony today, it has been cancelled. If only they knew! Another ceremony is taking place at the moment inside the Palace : Prince Charles is welcoming very important guests to reward them ! The ceremony must be over because I can see the guests coming out of Buckingham Palace. Look at their clothes! What a change from the usual ceremony! No uniforms today, but lovely dresses and smart suits. The teenagers look puzzled : it is certainly the first time they have seen smart people! Especially this woman wearing this nice pink and black hat matching her skirt and her jacket!

Maybe they won’t be too disappointed in the end, this is something they will tell their friends back in France and that they will be the only ones to have seen !

Article Paru dans les Reportages d’Europe N°5, 2010

Rédigé par Amélia, Marine, Alan & Tony du collège Louise Michel de Paimboeuf.

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